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Service and Maintenance

PPF Variopool is the UK specialist in servicing movable pool floor solutions and bulkheads, providing the best possible quality service to our customers.

We take care of your swimming pool

We are proud to announce that PPF Servicing has joined forces with Variopool BV since 01 April 2022. Variopool BV is the leading European production and service organization on movable pool floor solutions.

With joint specialized experience over 40 years in production and maintenance of movable pool floor solutions, we are proud to become PPF-Variopool Ltd. and continue our quality maintenance services.

PPF were the first company in the UK to install a moving pool floor within the UK. Since 2006, we have been focussing ourselves on the servicing of these moving pool floors solution and booms.

Over the past years we have become the true specialist in servicing these pool installations, providing the best possible quality service to our customers.

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