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Our extensive Repairs Service that can fix your every need.


Ensure the longevity of your Moving Floor Pools and Booms.

Other Services

What else we can do to help your Moving Floor and Boom needs.


Any Pool, Any Size, Always a Solution.

At PPF no job is too small. Our head engineer has been with us from the beginning and has installed 99% of PPF Moving Floors and Booms. This means we know everything there is to know about the industry.

Our 30+ years of experience means we will know what your problem is in just a few moments of being there.

We understand the need for our clients to have their repairs done within the day. So we ensure that regardless of your situation, we will always have a solution.

24/7 Call Out Service

With our bespoke ‘Annual Agreement’ service we give you an emergency call-out facility. Where we will get to your site within 24 hours available 7 days a week. 

With this service, you no longer have to worry about shutting your pool down if you’re a leisure centre. If you’re in hospitality, you can keep your mind at ease knowing there won’t be any money lost. We will be there and have your problem fixed any day of the week.

Fast Servicing and Repairs

Time is precious and your pool may mean a great deal to you. We understand this and do not want to take your time away from you.

When we are called out to a job, we don’t expect a return trip. Our level of expertise and preparation means that when we arrive, your issue will be fixed there and then! 

A quick in-and-out job is paramount for some of our clients, we respect that and try our very hardest to give you the fastest service with the highest quality.

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A Phone Call Away

If you have maintenance queries, our clients are free to call us up over the phone to discuss your needs. We can determine if it’s a repair you will need, or just a simple maintenance call out.

With our experts on the phone, you can have an extensive call regarding your maintenance queries, even resolving them without us having to be called out… For free!

Quality Service, Saving Money

As part of our maintenance and servicing facilities, we cover all aspects of your Moving Floors and Booms maintenance.

Debris & sand removal, glass removal, underfloor cleaning, balance tank cleaning. Our range goes far and wide to ensure your Moving Floors and Booms stay in a pristine condition to last.

Training From the Professionals

Our quality service extends from just repairs. If you are wanting to spend less time and money on callouts, we can help you understand your Moving Floor and Booms maintenance needs.

We offer training sessions for leisure centres and their employees to learn about the maintenance of their Moving Floors and Booms. We can also give our other clients the inside knowledge to know their Moving Floors and Booms and how to keep it in fantastic condition.

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Other Services

Condition Surveys

The clue is in the name. We can carry out a survey to monitor the condition of your Moving Floor as it currently stands. From here we can make suggestions about further servicing if needed, as well as recommended packages/repairs to improve it’s condition.


If your Moving Floor or Boom is in dire need of a touch-up, or if you are looking to have the latest technology installed in your Moving Floor, we can provide you with advanced systems that will improve the function of your Moving Floor.


We carry out inspections of your Moving Floors and Booms to determine whether they are compliant in line with the subsequent standards, rules and regulations.

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