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Services To Save You Money

Your Moving Floor and Boom may have more functions than just the pool. It may be used as a function room, a dance-hall or something similar. When there are issues with your Moving Floor, your events that may have been scheduled months in advance are suddenly in peril! This can cost you money and impact your business.

Fear not, we will swoop in and fix any issues before this happens! Our rapid and quality service makes sure that your moving floor or boom will be in working function. Giving you plenty of time to relax before your next function even begins!

Keeping Your Pool Spotless

For your Moving Floor or Boom, as well as the need to function perfectly, it also needs to look perfect. 

PPFs maintenance services will keep your Moving Floor or Boom looking in top condition. Ranging from sand and dirt removals to cleaning under the movable floor. 

To keep on top of this, we can also carry out surveys to assess the whole condition of your Moving Floor and Boom. From there we can work out what may need to be done and set your pool on the road to becoming beautiful.

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